PhotoStory 3

A Photo Story is a video format that includes static photos and narration. Text can be added, but can be difficult to read on the slides. One solution to this is to create slides in Open Office, which allows you to export the slides as JPGs. These can then be added as images to the Photo Story. The process for creating a Photo Story is below, but first, check out this example from Spanish class.

Student-Produced Photo Story: From Kate Hansen's Spanish I class: "Mi familia"

Below are the steps to creating a Photo Story. First up, Getting Started...

Adding Motion and Narration

Adding Background Music

Adding Slides from Open Office

Photo Story 3 Help

If you prefer a guide you can print and keep next to you, David Jakes, and Instructional Technology Coordinator from Downers Grove, Illinois, has produced this excellent PhotoStory3 Help Guide to creating a PhotoStory.